Spatial Computing and How is it Benefiting Enterprises

Previously in the ’90s, many famous computer experts believe that the current personal computers are way more complex and problematic to access than they should be. This complexity was given because the computers were designed so ordinary people could not operate them; they were developed and designed for engineers and engineers. The creators have never gone through the basic need of operation of the machine by its users.

People who were not engineers do not want to work on the computer. It is not they do not wish to, but it comes out of its complications that make them avoid the machine. Now, if they have to access the device, they still have to go through numerous tasks that are not specifically ‘Computing.’

For eliminating these complexities, have proposed many solutions for its design and implementation, one of which was information applications that were introduced to reduce complications for its users.

These tools were designed to become part of the historical machine to become any hindrance or think twice before performing a specific task on it by the users. We have successfully found some of these reliable appliances and implemented them in the machine while setting out many difficulties. But still, you see around yourself; you will find out that personal computers and laptops still have many complexities to use.

Apple comes up with a new era of machine development that changes user interaction with the machine. Other companies followed this lead and bring out a drastic change in creating an all-new smart device that most of us see in our hands today and named it a smartphone. These small devices that we use very frequently nowadays are way more powerful or can be said equally in terms of power to the same machine, but we haven’t replaced it with the term computer.

Even though the name smartphones still call these devices, what we get to see is the phone is a tiny part implemented in it. Other features are similar to the computer but in small form. This made the computer invisible up to some extent. We interact with this smart device more and more in comparison to the computer. That can be accounted for because of its simplicity and handy feature that we were always looking forward to.

Clarity on what does Spatial Computing means?

Spatial computing is the next most promising technology after Virtual and Augmented reality, with almost the same features and functionality. Many definitions go around everywhere. Still, maintaining its clarity, we can say that spatial computing is the future trending technology that will change the way of using computers completely and ultimately convert hardware technology into 3-dimensional interfaces that will be similar to the surroundings that we see around us.

Spatial Computing- The new stage of development and Innovation

We cannot simply put smartphones in place of computers in terms of usage and reliability though they are still machines. We should buy this device very precisely considering some factors that we need in it which should also be pocket friendly. One of the handy features that we all are aware of is “mobility” and weight, which means we can carry it to any desired place, but this device needs time to time charging to use it. Most of our personal information is saved in this device, so leaving it accidentally anywhere can result in massive data loss and catastrophe.

But a long time usage of this device can be very painful to our health. To achieve an accurate functional device that we are always looking forward to should not have any hardware. That is, we have to conceal all the hardware of the device and make it completely invisible. It cannot be touched or seen, which means it completely vanished from our eyes. Only the software part of the device should remain accessible in front of us.

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