Integrating IPFS With Sara Technologies’ Blockchain Services

The Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) is an innovative open-source, P2P hypermedia protocol designed to improve the modern Internet's HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Designed as the distributed infrastructure for Web 3.0, IPFS is a dynamic technology that integrates seamlessly with blockchains and is an efficient distributed storage protocol.

At Sara Technologies, we understand the consequences of transitioning to IPFS and integrating the technology into our blockchain development services. IPFS is perfect for addressing the large amounts of data inherent in blockchains. We see it as a unique augment to our services to significantly improve the efficiency of our distributed ledger solutions.

What Is IPFS?

IPFS’s distributed nature allows it to remain a highly resilient network that can persist even in an offline setting. It works by giving a file and all of its contained data a unique fingerprint called a cryptographic hash, a one-way trapdoor function.

Duplications of the same fingerprint are removed across the network, and network nodes only store specific content they are interested in. They can access other content through the distributed system via an indexing method that queries the hash ID of the content. IPFS uses a human-readable file naming system called INFS to make locating files much more convenient.

IPFS is particularly useful for large datasets. Whether parsing and archiving genomic data or saving substantially on bandwidth costs for P2P content delivery, IPFS is vastly more efficient than traditional mediums like HTTP.

Blockchains are an excellent match for IPFS due to their large distributed databases. IPFS can help to massively alleviate the storage pressures of storing everything on-chain for a blockchain network. IPFS enables the storage of hash IDs directly on-chain with the rest of the data stored in a distributed network off-chain. This provides the immutability and censorship-resistance of public blockchains for an efficient storage solution where most of the data does not contribute to blockchain bloating.

The implications of integrating IPFS and blockchains are significant, considering the ability to provide immutability to patient data without revealing sensitive details. Rather than patient data being stored on-chain publicly, only the referenced hash to the patient data will be stored on the blockchain, guaranteeing its authenticity while also preserving privacy.

Other examples where IPFS can become effective include low latency environments in the developing world, clustered persistence of data, deduplication of data, and cybersecurity-enabled file sharing. If IPFS continues on its trajectory, it is possible that it can replace HTTP entirely.

IPFS is being implemented in a decentralized file cloud storage platform called Filecoin by Juan Benet. As a utility network for accessing distributed data, Filecoin presents a compelling example of advanced game theory mechanics over a vast network and a practical use case of a novel technology.

At Sara Technologies, we closely follow and evaluate how we can best integrate IPFS into our solutions, specifically our blockchain development. Clear advantages of incorporating IPFS into our blockchain builds include increased data storage efficiency and enhanced data privacy.

We believe that IPFS will become a future standard and open protocol of the Internet. Building solutions today that integrate this technology will enable numerous opportunities for business applications looking for an advantage in their competition. Our experts are here to offer you integrated IPFS solutions.

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