How NFTs Ensuring Digital Ownership and Scarcity

NFTs store classifying data in their smart contracts, ensuring their uniqueness and is non-interchangeable, i.e., cannot be exchanged with other assets even if they hold the same value. The ownership of these tokens cannot be divided, i.e., only a single owner can hold the assets at a time. They can not be shared into fractions. Examples of NFTs are audio, videos, photos, and a variety of digital files.

The NFTs stored in a decentralized ledger hold a unique value with an authenticity certificate that doesn’t allow duplicating or creating copies of these assets. The Smart Contract integration guarantees that once any artistic work, game, or collectibles are stored on a blockchain ledger, the real owner always gets the royalty bonuses each time the digital asset is resold.

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Exclusive Features of Non Fungible Tokens


It is impossible to divide and share non-fungible tokens; only a single owner can own NFTs at a time. We can say we can buy a movie partially; only a single person can use it and get the seat, no two persons can use it partially.


NFTs are unique whose ownership never changes; they are attached with unique identifying data, ensuring their authenticity and original origin by eliminating chances of being copied or creating duplicate items.

Developers have the complete authority to limit the number of NFTs created, which keeps them scared with no possibilities of digital abundance.


NFTs are one of their kind, which is unique and cannot be exchanged with other assets even holding the same value. The features and characteristics of each Non-fungible token is an unchangeable record that provides it the authenticity certificate.


Non Fungible tokens are stored on a decentralized ledger which is highly protected and secure from unauthorized access. The real originators of the NFT have complete control over the private keys of the associated account and are authorized to transfer these tokens to any of the accounts they want.


The NFT records stored on the DLT are immutable, i.e., tamper-proof — impossible to modify or deleted once entered over the blockchain ledger. Each time a transaction or digital entry is processed over the blockchain, the token issuance, transfer, and activity record are verified using the Smart Contracts following the consensus mechanism. It allows even the stranger to trust and buy after ascertaining the genuineness of a particular NFT.

NO MIDDLE-MAN: The NFTs are transferred directly between the sender and receiver node without needing an intermediator. It saves both time and cost by keeping things direct, clear, and transparent.

IMPROVED TRACEABILITY: These transactions and the status of digital operations can be accessed on a real-time basis to get to know the actual status and progress report.

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