How has Blockchain added Value to Accounting Practice?

Blockchain has the power to boost overall productivity, efficiency by shifting the entire enterprise work model to next-era technology. Mainly the banking and financial institutions may experience uplifting change. Although blockchain has attracted a majority of MNCs working in the financial sector, use cases are yet in the experimental stage. This whitepaper sets out the advantages that enterprise blockchain development can offer to accounting, banking, and the financial sector worldwide.

Let’s know why accountants should consider blockchain their core need, as it offers two fundamental benefits, i.e., immutable and transparent transactions. Blockchain will play a game-changing role in the accounting profession, where the chances of theft with records are common. The blockchain ledger’s decentralized nature makes all the records and associated assets easily accessible to the network members to maintain data integrity with high-tech security and assured data genuineness.

The authorized personals have to follow the defined system governed by a set of rules to access the financial assets, records, and confidential data. These rules are planned and managed with an advanced security layer, which is impossible to be hacked.

Every time transactions get processed, it has to satisfy the consensus protocol passing through smart contracts to get them successfully registered on the decentralized ledger. Please don’t take the term transparency as a lack of security; it’s highly secured but keep the things openly accessible to all those who hold the right to know and authority to access.

What Advantages Does Blockchain Offer the Accountant?

By adopting the decentralized ledger technology, accountants can drive a pool of benefits to their profession. It not only frees their hand from unwanted day-to-day operations but also keeps things highly secured with improved transparency.

Improved Efficiency: Professionally organized blockchains have a robust database with fast processing. Users can efficiently process data transfer from/ into the system without any ambiguities.

Easier Reconciliation: Adoption of blockchain accounting software makes the users available with a facility of smart contracts. Accountants can automate a majority of operations associated with general ledger reconciliation, making this month-end task an easy-going process.

Reduced Errors: In accounting practice, data entry is highly prone to errors. In the blockchain, smart contracts perform numerous internal operations that ensure error-free records without any risks of unauthorized interventions.

Reduced Cost: Blockchain is much more secure and cost-effective with the least errors, apart from the initial adoption cost. The processing is too fast, i.e., over 2000 transactions every second without any intermediary.

Reduced Fraud: The decentralized ledger is immutable and transparent, so it’s impossible to tamper with records once listed in the blockchain. Each blockchain’s value is attached with the hash of the previous block; changing the value of any single block disturbs the entire chain of the block. Furthermore, without leaving a single point of failure, the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism is used.

Improved Regulatory Compliance: The enhanced security provided by decentralized ledger technology exceedingly reduces an agency’s load to comply with regulatory needs. In the blockchain, we can pre-define the regulatory demands, in which every entry has to satisfy the needed standards.

Reduced Auditing: Accounting practiced using blockchain will unquestionably be prone to fewer errors, ultimately lowering audit needs. Smart contracts can automate the audit process, which reduces the time an auditor has to give to look for the records.

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