How Blockchain Works? A Complete Guide

The blockchain is the chain of blocks; each block has its own data, hash, and the previous block's hash. Each block is provided with its unique hash value at the time of block creation. Any change in hash results in changing the value of the block, and each block contains the hash of the previous block. Slight tampering with any of the blocks makes the entire blockchain invalid. It makes a blockchain so secure. Anyhow anyone who tries to change the hash of any block results in making all other blocks invalid. But using a hash is not enough to prevent tampering; the technology is so advanced that it can calculate thousands of hashes per second. For mitigating this, blockchain uses Proof of Work. This mechanism slows down the process of new block creation. Calculating the required proof of work takes some time and adding a new block to the chain. This makes it difficult to tamper with a block. If you do so, you have to recalculate PoW for all the following blocks. Thus, the creative use of hash function and PoW mechanism makes blockchain technology highly secure.

How Blockchain Works
How Blockchain Works

In addition to money and assets, agreements can also be registered on the 3rd generation blockchain. Such a digital contract enforces the participants to keep their promise.

During the 1980s and ’90s, people used a notebook to keep records of their financial statistics, which was very risky if their notebook was lost. Their entire database went to waste.

For the last three decades, people use excel oriented software for keeping their bookkeeping records, but that was also not safe and secured. The chances of hacking have made it a critical problem to secure their records.

The 3rd generation blockchain has brought a new level of productivity in the business and organizations by enhancing their security protocols in an advanced approach. No need to manage excel or notebook reports; record them on the blockchain.


Finance management is another business management process, which needs expert supervision to manage the accounts and relative audits. Accounting and auditing need software systems to make the tasks simpler and easily manageable. Still, the more important task is to look forward to security even though the traditional accounting systems are secure with some loopholes, which are completely resolved by integrating blockchain technology into the accounting department.


The banking system is one of the most necessary, hectic, time-consuming processes, which needs extra security and an advanced management module. Traditional banking software needs manual surveillance of individual accounts and data to ensure their privacy and confidentiality to avoid fraud. But the implementation of blockchain technology in banking systems has eliminated the chances of fraud. Its decentralized mode disables the central authority and makes things transparent to all its associated members without an intermediator. If any transaction occurs, it is granted access by all the network members after mutual consensus. In this, both the sender and receiver are visible to all.


Multi-level marketing is a complex and hierarchical business model with a lot of challenges and management complications. While working on behalf of one of our MLM client’s business software, we suggested shifting his business model over the blockchain. After a few efforts, he was convinced that he was shocked after making things so easy and secure over the successful implementation of the blockchain MLM system. While continuously moving ahead on the path, we got hundreds of MLM projects, making us feel like experts in the field.


Blockchain technology is now not just a limited cryptocurrency; its reach has covered almost all the business sectors and playing a most dominating role in the industrial revolution 4.0. The blockchain experts at SARA have assisted over 90 global clients by integrating blockchain-enabled business applications into their IT department and getting satisfactory reviews after its successful implementation.


Gaming is a vast field; with each passing day, more aggressive games are being launched every next day. Simply creating and launching the game is not enough. Its headache-free management, secured gateway processing, easy monitoring, and complete remote access through a single dashboard with superior security without any risk of data theft and privacy leak is another challenge. Blockchain technology has provided new wings to the gaming arena with its decentralized, immutable, and easily traceable gaming platform.

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