How Blockchain is Transforming the Web Development Paradigms

In this competitive techno world, a website should have dynamic web applications to save its existence. The web application is the formation of various business programs that locate on virtual servers and are available to the client’s device over the web. They are centrally controlled, where complete information is stored on the central server. The users can use web browsers to enjoy the smooth functionality of a web application.

The integration of blockchain in web solutions has given wings to their productivity, user acceptance, and improved the quality of produced outputs with superior security assurance. Since 2007, Sara Technologies is working as an enterprise blockchain development company and has served clients worldwide. The products and services we delivered got great appreciation and are globally accepted by multiple business domains — both well-established firms and startups.

It can be operated over Android, IOS, etc. Web applications provide several functionalities to a website, such as interacting with users, producing results to browsers, and connecting to back-end databases. Some of the examples of web applications are online banking, e-commerce shopping websites, social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, interactive games, online training, blogs, travel, etc.

The web has continually become a source of attraction to the vast masses commencing from the pioneer. Yahoo, G-mail, Facebook, etc., are some of the most visited social platforms over the web that have pulled colossal user attention. Most of these social platforms have static websites, meaning there is no database holding any data. Despite being the fact that these sites were static, they have attracted a notable mass of internet users without any special software to install to access the online information. This kind of versatility supported the web to scale remarkably. Web technologies always have a lot to offer for web development.

We all have beheld that web technology moves from static to dynamic ones, including web applications. Some of the favorites content Management Systems including Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, etc., have changed the way we develop websites. These tools have helped most sites be dynamic by allowing them to perform and control their website without any problem efficiently.

There is a thin line between web application and website. A website delivers the data similarly to all requests, while web applications display various result pages based on user interests. So, we can say that web applications serve data based on the user’s interests and interaction. Today we see more mobile apps than a website because it’s easy to store our private data on web applications when we compare it to the site and attain customized services of that company at our fingertips.

The majority of the mobile app depends on some web infrastructure that requires a remote/cloud webserver to keep data concurrent between numerous applications. Amazon, Gmail, and Facebook are the best examples of mobile applications based on web/cloud modules.

For an average user, it is hard to differentiate between web applications and websites. Let’s make these terms clear; web applications have a desktop and mobile app-like functionality, while a site is the collection of the content displayed in the form of web pages. The rise of internet usage has ignited a web application trend, and its natural deployment theory helped web applications gain popularity.

  1. Decentralized hosting for all web pages.
  2. The data stored in a secured machine called a decentralized ledger.
  3. Blockchain web solutions provide convenience and ease to the end-user.
  4. A client needs only one application, Web Browser, to access any website or web application.
  5. It's fully immutable — makes the data unalterable which can neither be deleted nor be changed. Ensures the data originality and genuineness.
  6. Mobile friendly — you can access the web application from the desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet.
  7. We can access web applications through Web Browser, which is packaged with any operating system.
  8. It has sturdy and sleek front-end frameworks for developing intuitive and beautiful UX.
  9. It is loaded with a substantial set of analytic tools, which helps you make future strategic decisions.

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