How Blockchain is Transforming the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

The tourism and hospitality industry is prone to identity frauds involving fake Visa and passports. The integration of blockchain in the tourism sector will stop documentation fraud and ensure real-time baggage tracking at reduced cost without any involvement of the intermediator.

DLT also removes the dependency on the central administrator for ticket confirmation or allowing the seats; the travelers can directly deal with the service providers, which saves time and avails them of the best possible offers and services.

Whether you are seeking a partner to upgrade your existing tourism management system or want to opt for complete new hospitality blockchain development under expert consultancy, SARA could be a perfect partner to collaborate with. For over a decade, we are helping international clients in creating decentralized tourism solutions without utmost performance and quality assurance. Whatever be the circumstances or customer requirements, we are competent enough to avail them the most satisfactory enterprise solutions to maximize their productivity, effectiveness, and overall revenue.

Benefits of Blockchain to Tourism Sector


There is no single point of failure while we are going for payment processing; your money is completely safe and secure. Blockchain empowers the travels with a vast pool of travel facilities to ensure their comfort without letting them suffer from hectic travel planning, management, and execution issues. As per the research, the decentralized travel ticket booking partners save around 20% of ticket cost as per those utilizing the traditional ticketing solutions.

Now passengers can pay for their flights and other expenses using cryptocurrencies; they don’t need physical money all the time.


Many of the travelers have to lose their baggage due to mix-ups or thefts. Every baggage is attached with a unique code attached to the traveler’s contact number to track their packages using the specific decentralized mobile apps. It helps in easy baggage identification, tracking, handing it over to genuine owners across flights, moving to hotels and other destinations.


Based on the services provided by the transport, flight, or hotel, their rating is transparently visible to the people around the globe. The scope for the fake review system is completely prohibited, which enables travelers to access the best services. This also forces the service providers to be genuine and serve whatever they commit for; otherwise, their reputation can be in danger by the negative reviews.


With the rising technology standards, risks of more advanced cyber-attacks are rising, which need to be managed under expert supervision. The blockchain technology professionals here at SARA will avail you of an impenetrable security layer that ensures you stay protected from the fiercest cyber-attacks and guides you to stay ahead of the competitors.

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