How Blockchain 3.0 and Industry 4.0 Can Transform the Gaming World

Today gaming culture is at the peak, involving almost every type of person, either infant, kid, teenager, adult, or middle-aged person. The gaming industry operates through multiple gaming consoles like X-Box 360, Sony PlayStation, or live streaming games. As a Blockchain, Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence development company, SARA Technologies played a dominating role in taking the gaming industry to the next level. The high-definition graphics and motion sensor feature of today’s game will give you a sense of reality, i.e., you feel like you are playing in the real world. Gaming through Blockchain and Industry 4.0 technology guarantees accuracy and integrity to the developer and a gamer. This saves costs and brings transparency to the gaming world.

The entire features, functionality, and operations of the game are managed through these out-of-the-box technologies. The immutability and decentralization of blockchain technology make every section highly secure and transparent. On the other hand, Artificial intelligence and machine learning automate the business operations manually processed before the inception of Industry 4.0 technology.

The most often use for Blockchain in gaming so far has been to store your items earned by winning a particular game. The world’s first blockchain game was Huntercoin, where you can earn coins and keep them in a wallet for further transactions. One of the favorite blockchain games was Cryptokitties, developed by Axiom Zen, allowing players to purchase, collect, and sell multiple types of virtual cats. The gaming industry, through Blockchain, has created a whole new ecosystem of live streaming games. This growth will continuously accelerate with the introduction of blockchain technology in the future that allows game developers to serve their talent directly to the table.

Benefits of Blockchain & AI to Developer

Benefits of Blockchain & AI to Gamer

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