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  • QuickStart Admin

    QuickStart Admin

    QSA is a cloud-based practice management software that helps businesses effectively managing clients, projects, bills, and schedules.

  • Chimezie Chuta

    Chimezie Chuta

    IT Professional & Drupal Web Developer. Trainer @ Lagos DrupalVersity. Founder, BlockSpace.Africa, Coordinator, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, 3D Printing guy!

  • Devendran M

    Devendran M

  • David Potts

    David Potts

    Canadian storyteller, poet, and reader— seeking refuge @ https://www.david-potts.xyz. A very strange cat at times! 🙄 Founder of https://night-owl-media.com.

  • Stephen Liu

    Stephen Liu

    Chief Social Capitalist @ PrivyCapital.com

  • Markham Heid

    Markham Heid

    I write about health and science. I live in Detroit with my wife and kids. I’m trying to learn German, but my progress so far is nicht gut.

  • Natalie Portman

    Natalie Portman

    #TimesUp — https://www.timesupnow.com/

  • Sara Technologies Inc.

    Sara Technologies Inc.

    SARA Technologies as a AI and blockchain service company that is helping to create customized business solutions to augment your overall industrial growth.

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