Building Ethereum Dapps and Non-Fungible Assets

The future decentralized Internet will be built on a foundation of blockchain systems and interconnected distributed ledger networks built on open protocols. On top of this layer will be the new generation of applications, known as decentralized applications (dApps).

Some incredible dApps have already emerged, and tools for interacting with them and utilizing their power are developing at an unprecedented pace. At Sara Technologies, we actively follow and learn from recently launched dApps, open-source projects, and new technologies that facilitate better dapp creation. We can optimize applications and implement them into your existing business infrastructure or out of a concept you have for a new application.

The future of the Internet is here, and we’re here to help you.

Dapps are essentially a structured conglomeration of carefully crafted and integrated smart contracts that perform a specific function. Smart contracts function like computer programs, just built over a decentralized architecture of distributed ledgers. The basic concept behind a concept is that:

“If condition A is met, initiate condition B and send the message to C.”

This is an elementary example of what a smart contract is and does, but the fundamental idea remains the same. Now, take a bunch of smart contracts built in a structured and organized fashion that interact with each other, launch them on a distributed blockchain network like Ethereum, and you have some pretty powerful applications and tools at your disposal.

The market for building dapps is still in its nascent stages. There are numerous projects in development, launched, or already have fallen away into obscurity. ICOs launched on Ethereum are all basically different types of dapps, so if you’re familiar with ICOs, then you will notice how popular raising money for dapp building has become.

At this stage, dApps are complicated. They are powerful, yet their potential has not been fully realized due to the scalability issues facing the underlying networks that they are built on top of (i.e., Ethereum). While they have an incredibly high ceiling regarding potential, building dapps right now is complex and requires the necessary technical information and skill to build them.

At Sara Technologies, we are one of the only companies providing these services directly for clients. The majority of talented developers in the space focus on open-source projects and small team projects for their own ideas. We are here to build your dapp, whether it be for an existing business or just an idea you had that leverages the power of the blockchain.

Building Dapps

Dapps come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them are currently focused on gaming, exchanges and marketplaces, social media, and even dapp browsers. On Ethereum, there are standards already built and continue to be produced that focus on standardizing how applications and components of applications (smart contracts) should function.

This is reminiscent of the early days of the Internet and can provide some great insights into how to build dapps and what they are comprised of. For instance, looking to create a gaming dapp based on non-fungible assets like cards or collectibles? Check out the ERC-721 and recently proposed ERC-1155 standards on the Ethereum GitHub.

Non-fungible tokens and assets have clearly emerged as one of the earliest and most popular implementations of smart contracts for building dapps. They leverage the immutable and verifiable authenticity of the underlying blockchain to prove ownership of assets from digital cards to eventually physical commodities and asset classes themselves.

Sara Technologies has extensive experience in coding smart contracts and building dapps for various use cases and clients. Our services extend to businesses and individuals. So what exactly are you looking for in a dapp? Well, some current dapps are below for you to check out, who knows, maybe your dapp can be the next big thing.

Type of Dapps


Games are proving to be one of the most popular forms of dapps today. Some examples are below.


Focusing on non-fungible virtual cats that can be bred and traded, Cryptokitties caused waves last year when it was discovered some were selling for hundreds of thousands of USD.


Ethereum’s version of Pokemon, Etheremon allows users to purchase, breed, trade, and battle each other with their own unique “Etheremon” on the Ethereum blockchain.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained has not even launched yet and has still raised millions of USD in its unique mythical token card game sale. The game is different from similar games in that the actual gaming will be run on a centralized server while the cards will be stored on the blockchain. This is an attempt to circumvent the high gas costs associated with gameplay on the Ethereum network currently.

Exchanges & Marketplaces

These are the mediums for trading non-fungible assets and cryptocurrencies. From decentralized, open protocols to marketplaces for real-world rentals, exchanges and markets are prevalent.


OpenSea is a massive market for all kinds of crypto collectibles. From virtual cards to gaming skins, OpenSea is the one-stop-shop for non-fungible collectibles built on the blockchain.


Beenest is a marketplace for vacation home booking without any service fees or commission that currently operates in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.


Bisq is a popular decentralized, P2P market for exchange. Primarily focusing on Bitcoin and fiat-to-crypto conversions, it has become a favorite tool for those who are wary of centralized exchanges like Coinbase.

Dapp Browsers

Excellent tools for browsing blockchains for dapps, communicating with others, and functioning as wallets, Dapp browsers are an essential tool for anyone involved in the crypto sphere.


Toshi is one of the most popular dapp browsers today. Built by Coinbase, Toshi allows users to plug into the Ethereum blockchain and search for dapps along with doubling as a wallet that facilitates payments between users. Think of it as a web browser for a blockchain.

Social Media

Social media apps are undoubtedly the most popular in the traditional application world. Used by millions of people every day, social media is a contemporary phenomenon. Social media dApps allow for greater privacy, while still offering the features of current social media platforms.


Utilizing IPFS and Ethereum, Numa is a federated social network.


The decentralized and uncensorable alternative to Twitter, built on Ethereum.

Prediction Markets


The well-known and first decentralized prediction market in the world, Augur is a censorship-resistant prediction market built on the “Wisdom of the Crowd” and complex back-end infrastructure.

Sara Technologies & Dapps

Sara Technologies is eager to help you on your journey to building and integrating decentralized applications. Our experts are experienced and at your disposal to help build the applications of the future.

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