How Blockchains & AI Benefiting Businesses

Blockchains and AI represent different sides of the technical spectrum. The former operates as open-source, decentralized networks, while the latter primarily comprises closed, centralized systems. Their convergence will redefine the technological landscape.

At Sara Technologies, we believe integrating these trust-minimized and immutable distributed ledgers with Artificial Intelligence solutions will bring about a multi-faceted industrial revolution. The immense potential of AI analytics tools and autonomous agents running on a decentralized infrastructure is the future of the Internet.

Integrated Systems

Blockchains and AI have a mutually beneficial relationship that empowers them past their current iterations. Decentralizing the AI landscape will afford AI tools significantly improved power and access.

The primary advantages of blockchains stem from their decentralization and autonomous execution capabilities with smart contracts. Blockchains function as secure and censorship-resistant environments that are the infrastructure AI needs to excel in. Drastically reducing access to AI analytical tools will benefit small companies that can help them compete with major tech giants. Further, proper monetization of these tools by their creators will eventually be possible.

Smart contracts that run on blockchains are autonomously executing and immutable. Due to their nature, smart contracts can have adaptive inputs that shape the autonomous tools that they support. Explicit parameters can be hardcoded to create restrictions on AI behavior and tailor their application to specific use cases.

AI can also provide profound benefits for blockchains as well. Machine learning algorithms can vastly improve the efficiency of PoW mining algorithms and their environmental impact. AI tools can also help increase network latency efficiency and adjust to real-time changes in governance.

Governance is pegged to play a vital role in the future of decentralized systems on the Internet. Governance models, particularly DAO’s, have implications for creating automated organizations that remove much of the transaction costs of typical organizations. On-chain protocols for changing rules on a blockchain network can help AI tools adapt to new environments and represent the specific interests of a community of users.

Decentralizing access to AI tools will have the potential to disrupt the medical industry at an exceptional pace. AI tools are often expensive with limited access to their capabilities. With healthcare systems running on blockchains, AI analytics and data exchanges can be integrated with the underlying infrastructure at substantially reduced costs. Think AI-guided regenerative medicine and automated insurance and payment processing across a network of healthcare hubs.

Entire markets for decentralized intelligence tools may eventually develop with projects such as SingularityNET emerging. Platforms such as Neureal demonstrate the potential to improve upon predictive models like Augur with machine learning development techniques that enhance their capabilities. The pooled power of AI technologies is even possible by leveraging the power of decentralization. Rather than AI computing power relegated to centralized servers, the technology can flow on a distributed architecture of millions of devices.

Blockchains provide the infrastructure that the Internet has always needed to achieve its full potential. With a symbiotic relationship of autonomous agents adapting and executing on top of them, the potential for the Internet to evolve further has never been greater.

Sara Technologies and Future Technologies

Building an ecosystem that integrates AI tools and blockchain as its underlying infrastructure will assuredly be a challenging task. We understand the significance of blockchain and AI converging in the near future.

Our goal is to continually learn more about new developments and discover how to implement these technologies into your business solutions. Blockchains are at the cutting-edge of technology, something we have vast experience in. Our experts have been building smart contracts and blockchain development services & solutions for numerous clients in Ethereum and other systems.

We anxiously await the opportunity to uncover the powerful AI and decentralized intelligence solutions that can be built on blockchains.

Build the future with us!

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