Benefits of Adopting Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition and Facial ID is a part of Biometric Technology, which has advanced features, including mapping an individual’s facial features with a camera and storing it in mathematical form to identify an individual from a photo or a video frame. SARA Technologies is a reputed software company committed to serving out-of-the-box face identification software in the market and its impressive features like face and forehead tracking, iris scanning, analyzing, and detecting facial attributes. Today, we have catered to more than 500 clients worldwide, ranging from small start-ups to various multinational companies.

It may sound strange to many, but this is the technology of the future. Facial recognition is gradually being adopted in law enforcement and the medical and healthcare sectors, automobile industries, online payments, government & non-government institutions, and many other industries. Three-dimensional face recognition is probably more accurate as compared to traditional face recognition or 2D face detection. SARA Technologies, as a face detection software company, offers highly consistent facial recognition to our clients. Today we will discuss some of the essential benefits of Facial Recognition or facial detection software:

Payments: It won’t take much time to figure out why everyone wants online payments to be secure. Today, you need to remember multiple pins to make online money transfers, and even for online shopping. It is time-consuming and certainly less safe if someone gets access to your nails. With Facial Recognition technology, the need for Debit and Debit Cards would be outdated. Customers would be able to make payments just by opening an app and looking at the camera. It would be less time-consuming than the current multi-pin secure system and most certainly would be protected.

Security and Access: Apple Inc., in its new iPhone models, installed the Facial ID feature to unlock the phone. You have to look at the phone, and automatically your phone gets unlocked. Samsung and many other companies are following this technology for unlocking their smartphones. However, this feature is limited to unlocking phones and has far more applications than this. We can incorporate facial ID in our day-to-day lives. You may no longer need a key to enter your house or your car; you can do all this through face detection software. British car manufacturing company already started working on this module for their vehicles.

Locating Criminals: Facial recognition technology may take the Criminal Identification system to the most efficient level. Any government with the Facial ID of their citizens would be able to search and locate criminals through Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered by CCTV cameras programmed to identify criminals. Any government with a Facial ID of its people can implement this for better law enforcement.

Medical & Healthcare: Every time you go to a doctor, he tries to track your illness by looking at your facial features like pale skin, eye, tone, etc. The Facial Recognition technology will revolutionize the medical field by employing AI Cameras and software which would be able to read the patient’s facial features and track the cause of illness. People will choose to either wait for a doctor’s appointment or reach out for a virtual consultant. These would be free from any human errors.

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